How the Fantasy System Works?

Creating your Team

You will need to create your Fantasy Organisation, from here you will operate and over see all your Esports Teams that you choose to enter. You will be asked to create a Organisation name and what country you are based from.

After you have created your Org you can then continue to select the titles you wish to create teams. We have a range of Leagues to choose from (LCS, LEC, Cod League, Valorant etc).

You must now select a team based on the current budget and market value of the player pool. Player values will fluctuate on the market based on their current form and popularity within teams (percentage of teams that have that player).

The team that is selected on your user dashboard at the time of the event start time,  will be the allocated team for that day's games.

Transfer Market

A Marketplace to buy and sell players, valuation is given on the current value of the player. Pick up a player when they are cheap and flip when they are hot.