Ever since the words “West is best, East is ass” were uttered by Seminal’s Vague, a whole new narrative was created, and an interest in competitive multiplayer similar to that of the early lockdown days; the iPad Mobile Mayhem days, the carefree days when hardline and quickfix was a normality.

This article will outline an analysis of all the teams involved in the upcoming Snapdragon Mobile Masters which will take place in Sao Paulo Brazil on the 12th and 13th of April and their chance to take home silverware and bragging rights (for the next few months).

The new squad on the South American block proved that patience and practice are always good. Being in the shadow of Inco, Galorys, and Loops, they bided their time and have become a top 2 team in the region, giving birth to many good names to look out for.

Look out for star players GTO and ZeusBoo who have been tremendous in the run-up to masters, especially in respawns. The home advantage will come into play and they may pull a 2021 Inco Gaming-like run to the quarters only to be overcome by a stronger team; anything can happen on that stage!

Yes, I know all of you expected to see the World Champions Wolves here but what you see is what you get. Let’s be real, Q9 at present is the fourth-best team in China and will require to be a step above especially, for their respawns to succeed.

If Ouling performs well in the respawns and Sun pulls out a godly performance like he did pre-Stage 5, they will most definitely be able to reach the quarters on skill alone.

“Oh yes,” if it isn’t the CODM community’s favourite punching bag of a region. Europe: a region of disqualifications, discord controversies, and unbelievable players in the wrong team at the wrong time. Having got the official phones just a day before the tournament and losing their IGL Inferno, Stage 5 was not the most memorable for them.

However, it did go to show the potential of certain players including Marvel (who may have a claim as a top 3 sniper in the world). The addition of Neil and some actual practice on the Samsung Phones this time will be ingredients if they want a recipe for success.

If Godlike and Galorys had a Singaporean son, it would most definitely be Stalwart Esports, From dominating the Garena region since their Divinity, Almighty, and Powerhouse days, to now underwhelming in Stage 5 comes a reshuffle like no other.

With Skerd and FDX coming in from Blacklist, IrfanJ moved to the bench (which I disliked) and added everyone’s favorite ex-underage player in Clove from Kagendra, they overcame everyone’s favorite Elevate not once but twice in Garena Masters which goes to show just how good this team has become. I expect good things from the Garena outfit and a possible top 4 finish this time around. 

Having recently been released by Tribe Gaming, the roster and its players have had to burden the achievements of the past and the noise of an evergrowing fanbase. With the retirement of Space, the departure of SThug, call up of 2022 champ Jezz and the arrival of Blurr, the roster is all over the place.

In the run-up to masters they have looked shaky at best in the community tournaments. However, these guys have been here before and faced similar difficulties last year. If there is an overpowered player on that Samsung, it is going to be Rebalo so watch out for a Stage 5 2023-like performance from him.