CDL 2021 London Home Series - Day 4 - Recap

Day 4 of the London Home Series saw the LA Thieves take on the London Royal Ravens, Atlanta FaZe would face off against the New York Subliners and Stage 2 Champions Toronto Ultra would square up to the Dallas Empire. Let's dive into the action:

LA Thieves vs London Royal Ravens

Ravens would start the series hot, with Seany and PaulEhx putting up decent numbers (1.33 & 1.21). Kenny was the only Thief firing on all cylinders from the off, posting a 1.42. TJHaly, Drazah and Venom all going negative. London took the opening Raid Hardpoint 250-163.

Cue SnD Miami and Thieves regained, Kenny leading from the front again with a 6.00 K/D. Venom stepped up his series posting a 1.14 KpR. LRR just could not get any map control, losing every first blood to the Thieves. Zaptius statistically the lowest Raven with a 0.14. LA won comfortably 6-1.

29-16 as Kenny posted solid numbers again, TJHaly supporting his slayer with a 1.50 over the map. London once again just could not get much going, all Ravens posting negative numbers. LA Thieves take a 2-1 lead with this Checkmate Control.

The young gun Venom stepped up to clinch the win for LA as the rookie went 32-18 (1.78) with over 2 minutes in the hill. Kenny was mister steady as per with a 1.57 to complete his phenomenal series. 250-161 as Thieves closed out the match. 

Momentum played a key role in this series as London just could not find their footing after the first map. Couple that with Kenny absolutely going off, it looked like curtains after the Control. Zaptius the new addition to the Ravens looked good in spells, but will need more to cement his spot on this struggling roster.

Atlanta FaZe vs New York Subliners

The long awaited debut of the French Phenom HyDra did not disappoint. Hardpoint Garrison saw the young talent go toe to toe with powerhouse Simp posting an impressive 31-24 (1.29) KD. The experienced Clayster backed up his young gun with a 33-21 (1.57) to take map 1. NYSL won 250-211.

FaZe turned up the heat in the SnD with AbeZy and Cellium topping the scoreboards with a 2.00 and 1.67 respectively. Atlanta took the Express SnD 6-3.

An extremely close Garrison Control went the way of FaZe with Simp leading the stats (1.24). NYSL being slightly outgunned 1.02 - 0.98 couldn't respond to the constant trades of the youngsters. Atlanta snatched the map 3-2.

HyDra topped the scoreboards again with a 22-18 (1.22) in the Apocalypse Hardpoint. Another close map went down to the last few seconds as NYSL managed to squeeze home the map win 250-241.

Of course the game 5 went to a round 11 between these two talented teams. Mack coming up trumps though in the flex role with a solid 10-6 (1.67) showing. Subliners closed out the series with a tight 6-5 game.

First impressions of HyDra is that the 'juice was worth the squeeze'. We waited patiently for his arrival into the League and it was well worth it. This youngster has the same buzz around him as when we were first introduced to Simp.

Toronto Ultra vs Dallas Empire

Ultra were coming into Stage 3 as the current Champs of Stage 2 and boy did they show up again. Debut call up for FeLo as he replaced Huke for the Empire.

Steady numbers across the board for Toronto in the Checkmate Hardpoint saw them grab map 1 from Dallas 250-242. Insight putting up a 1.19 with a 30 bomb.

Bance showed up in the Miami SnD posting a 2.25 K/D. Dallas already looked on the fence at this point with all 4 of the Empire going negative for a second map in a row. The Ultra cruised to a 6-3 win.

3-2 on Raid Control would see Toronto take the series win with Bance's 33-20 (1.65) pushing them on. Crimsix posted a 1.04 (the only map a Dallas Player went positive).

Dallas look stuck in the mud currently, not sure what is going on behind closed doors but the dropping of Huke for FeLo just doesn't make much sense to the outsider. Not to take away from the Ultra's dismantling of the 2020 Champs, Toronto look a head and shoulders above the rest of the competition as it stands.

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