Complete Ranking Guide for Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile enjoys significant popularity in both Europe and North America, with substantial community engagement evident in these regions based on statistical data.

Released in 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile quickly rose to prominence as a formidable competitor to PUBG Mobile. In 2024, anticipation grows as rumors circulate about the potential release of a PC version, which could further elevate the game's popularity. While both games differ in graphics, controls, and features, they share a common thread: the Battle Royale genre.

Understanding the Ranks

In Call of Duty: Mobile's competitive mode, the ranking system holds intricate details crucial for climbing the ranks. Both multiplayer and Battle Royale modes feature ranked match options, each offering unique rewards.

When you win a match, you earn points that contribute to your rank progression. Climbing through the ranks involves surpassing five levels within each rank tier.

Exploring the Ranks

  • Beginner: At the game's outset, players start at the "Beginner" rank, encountering newcomers and AI opponents. Advancement requires overcoming five levels.
  • Veteran: Progressing to the "Veteran" rank brings encounters with both bots and novice players, spanning five levels.
  • Elite: "Elite" introduces seasoned players into the mix, devoid of AI opponents, across its five-level structure.
  • Pro: Talented and experienced fighters converge in the "Pro" rank, requiring mastery across five levels.
  • Master: "Master" stands as one of the highest attainable ranks, necessitating proficiency through its five-tier progression.
  • Grandmaster and Legend: The pinnacle of achievement, "Grandmaster" precedes the prestigious "Legend" rank, attained only by those surpassing 8,000 points.

Rank Resets and Rewards

At the close of each season, ranks reset across all modes. Rewards vary depending on the attained rank, with higher ranks yielding better rewards. Additionally, the top 5,000 players earn a place in the coveted "Hall of Fame."

Checking Your Rank

Two primary methods allow players to track their Call of Duty: Mobile rank:

    • In-Game: Access your profile tab within the game interface to view your current rank details, including progress towards the next rank.
    • Leaderboards: Navigate to the "Ranked" section within the multiplayer tab to observe your standing among other players.

With its intricately structured ranking system and enticing rewards, Call of Duty: Mobile offers an addictive gameplay experience. However, players must remain mindful of rank resets at the end of each season, requiring them to climb the ladder anew. For further insights and updates on Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Mobile, stay tuned to our dedicated CoD Blog.