Top performers in SPS EU

1. Rayyd

With a formidable kill-to-death ratio (K/D) of 1.59 across 16 games, Rayyd emerges as a force to be reckoned with. His knack for staying alive while eliminating adversaries speaks volumes about his tactical acumen. Notably, his Hill K/D ratio of 1.69 underscores his expertise in objective-based gameplay, making him a linchpin for his team's success in securing crucial points.

2. Neil

Neil's consistent performance showcases his adaptability and strategic prowess. Despite a slightly lower K/D ratio compared to Rayyd, Neil compensates with an impressive Search and Destroy (SnD) K/D of 1.45, indicating his proficiency in high-stakes, tactical engagements. His ability to assist teammates, coupled with a commendable average hill time, highlights his multifaceted approach to victory.

3. Mxrvel

Mxrvel's stats paint a picture of versatility and reliability. With a balanced K/D ratio of 1.44 and a substantial average hill time, he demonstrates a keen understanding of both offensive and defensive strategies. His high kill participation rate (KpR) and damage per round (DpR) further solidify his position as a key player capable of making impactful contributions across various game modes.

4. Inferno

Inferno's aggressive playstyle is evident from his impressive kill count, showcasing his proficiency in securing eliminations. While his K/D ratio may not be the highest among his peers, his relentless pursuit of objectives is highlighted by a commanding control (CTRL) K/D ratio of 1.71. This indicates his ability to maintain map control and dictate the pace of the game, making him a formidable adversary in any scenario.

5. Vere

Vere's balanced performance reflects a meticulous approach to gameplay. His solid K/D ratio, coupled with a commendable hill K/D and assist count, underscores his effectiveness as a team player. Additionally, his ability to maintain a positive SnD K/D ratio showcases his adaptability and composure in high-pressure situations, making him a valuable asset in clutch moments.

6. Saze

Saze's statistics reveal a player who excels in precision and strategy. With a commendable SnD K/D ratio of 1.57 and a substantial average hill time, he proves to be a versatile asset to his team. His ability to maintain a high K/D ratio while fulfilling objective-based roles underscores his capability to strike a balance between aggression and tactical finesse.

7. Etsy

Etsy's performance highlights resilience and adaptability. Despite facing formidable opponents, his consistent K/D ratio and assist count reflect his ability to hold his ground and support teammates effectively. His versatility shines through in his balanced SnD K/D ratio and commendable damage output, making him a dependable presence on the battlefield.

8. SlayeR

SlayeR's stats portray a player who thrives on calculated aggression. While his K/D ratio may not be the highest, his ability to maintain a positive SnD K/D ratio and assist count underscores his strategic value. His consistent performance across various metrics highlights his reliability as a team player, capable of turning the tide of battle with well-timed plays.

9. SaTuRnZz

SaTuRnZz's statistics showcase dominance and impact. With an impressive K/D ratio and a staggering average hill time, he proves to be a formidable presence in both slaying and objective-based gameplay. His high SnD K/D ratio and kill participation rate further solidify his position as a key player capable of steering his team towards victory.

10. Creed

Creed's standout performance lies in his exceptional SnD K/D ratio and kill participation rate. Despite participating in fewer matches, his impact is undeniable, showcasing a deadly combination of precision and tactical awareness. His ability to deliver high damage per round underscores his proficiency with sniper rifles, making him a formidable threat in long-range engagements.